Token Changer 05B

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Token or Coin Changer Machine is a machine that change your bills or notes into the same amount of coin or token. This machine comes in handy if you need a lot of coin such as for business purpose or personal usage. 
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Model : 05B (Only Back Door Open ) 

Bill/ Note Acceptor Type : L70 (Without Money Box) 

Token Storage Capacity : ~4,000 pcs 

Bank Note Storage Capacity : >600pcs (Loose) 

Voltage : AC240V 

Machine Dimensions : 350mm (D) x 350mm (W) x 1200mm (H) 

Machine Weight : 42KG 

Support Bank Note : RM1 , RM5 , RM10 , RM20 , RM50 , RM100 

Acceptance : Malaysia , Singapore , Etc... 
(Specified When Do Enquiry)

Record (Token/Note) By : Meter 

Lock Ring : Can Add 3 Units Pad Lock 

Type Of Base Lock : Reinforcement Flooring Mounting Bracket 

Warranty One (1) Year 

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Token Changer 05B

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